Sunday, November 30, 2014

Choti Wala , Sunil of Virender Chhara , Vs Jeetu

चोटी वाले और जीतू की कुश्ती 

चोटी वाले , सुनील छारा गाँव से हैं, वीरेंदर के पट्ठे हैं , उनके बारे में कुश्ती जगत में बताने की जरूरत ही नहीं  वे उम्दा पहलवान हैं।  अक्टूबर 2014 में वे रोहद में एक बढ़िया भारत कुमार की कुश्ती पप्पू नरेश से लड़े।  उन्होंने पवन से भी बढ़िया कुश्ती लड़ी और जीती।  वजीराबाद में ये कुश्ती जीतू के साथ हैं।  शुरू से ही पटों में अटैक लगाते चलते हुए सुनील ने एक बार राम बाण दांव चलाया और खुद ही गिर पड़े , जीतू ने कंट्रोल किया  और कुश्ती आगे बढ़ी।  चौथे मिनट में सुनील ने ज्यादा जोर लगा कर , जीतू पर घिस्सा लगाया , लेकिन नीचे के पक्के जीतू ने  ब्रिज पर कुश्ती को रोका।   कुश्ती में सुनील ने प्रोटेस्ट किया लेकिन , रेफ़री ने नहीं माना।  कुश्ती आगे बढ़ी और सुनील ने जीतू को चित करने का भरपूर प्रयास किया , लेकिन नीचे के पक्के जीतू पर उनके कोई दांव न चल सके।  कुश्ती देखने  हैं 

Choti Wala , Sunil of Virender Chhara , Vs Jeetu

Choti Wala , Sunil of Virender Chhara , Vs Jeetu
This is traditional wrestling match between Jeetu Pahlwan and Choti Wala, alias Sunil. Sunil alias Choti wala is a very good Wrestler of Haryana. He has been fighting with one of the best wrestlers now a days. In october 2014 he fought with Naresh Pappu for Bharat Kumar Title. In the beginning Choti Wala attacked on Jeetu's leg but Jeetu saved and become more vigilant of his attacks, and saved one more attack by sunil , Jeetu held him clutching his neck with both hands but sunil freed himself. Sunil tried an Indian technique called Ramban, but fell down on the ground on his own, while Jeetu went over his back, thus dominating. Sunil took over in the fourth minute and controlled Jeetu, he almost pinned him , but Jeetu is very strong when he subdued he defended the attack and came back. The match went on like this, while Sunil used many techniques Ghissa one of them and almost pinned Jeetu but he saved himself every time , and that is what Jeetu is known for . He has fought with every best wrestler here. Now the fight was declared equal after the time alloted lapsed .

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Good thing I checked the trends on my subscriptions. Gbman liked this so I checked it and was not disappointed!
I always enjoy seeing Jeetu fight, as he is very skilled; it was unfortunate that he was beaten in this fight. Please can you explain to me why all those other men were walking about in the ring, as I found it off putting and it must have been frustrating for you as a cameraman. They were not the referee and as far as I could see added nothing to the fight other than their legs, and dirty denham trousers obsecuring the view. Is it because they think they are important ??!!!
Thank you for the explanation, and we now know hard it is for you, but you do an excellent job. When are we going to see Jeetu again. Please reply to as I do not look at you tube that often. Regards. Roland
hi rolyian , these people are responsible for the arrangement , and disciple , it is unfortunate that they have been coming before the camera and i had a hard time chasing them away..but this is is very much hard to make a video of there are people mostly wrestlers all around ...sometimes thre is stampaed also...but this is the risk i have to take to show case the greatness of the sport...leaving such things behind..
One of the best matches!!!


Friday, November 28, 2014

Jeetu Pahlwan vs Bhola Guru Hanuman Akahda, Dankor Dangal , Uttar Pardesh.

भोला गुरु हनुमान अखाड़े के बढ़िया पहलवान हैं।  दनकौर के ऐतिहासिक कुश्ती मेले में उनकी कुश्ती तय हुई।  ये मेला तीन दिन चलता हैं।  इस दिन जीतू और भोला अामने सामने थे।  कुश्ती के शुरुआत में जीतू खैंच मारकर , पट खींच कर भोला को बैठाते  हैं,लेकिन कुश्ती का निर्णय तो चित्त पट से होना हैं।  उसके बाद में कुश्ती में भोला भारी पड़ते दीखते हैं।  उन्होंने कुश्ती में जीतू को नीचे बिठाया हुआ हैं , और चित्त करने के भरसक प्रयत्नो में असफल होते दीखते हैं।  समय खत्म होने पर कुश्ती रोक दी जाती हैं।  दोनों पहलवानो को बराबर घोसित किया जाता हैं।  

This is match between Jeetu and Bhola, of Guru Hanuman Akhada, New Delhi.  The venue of the Dangal is Dankor , Uttar Pardesh India. The Dangal of Dankour is very old. It runs for three days in a row. In one day , Jeetu and Bhola were paired against each other. Jeetu and Bhola both equal wrestlers tried hard to pin one another, Jeetu reached behind Bhola many a times , and so did Bhola, nobody could succeed in pinning anybody. the match was declared equal after the time allotted for the bout lapsed. 

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You just get the feeling that Jeetu can man handle anyone he comes up against. His speed and strength and muscle power has no equal when it comes to this style of wrestling. He is THE KING!
These guys are awesome. Everytime I watch these videos, it makes workout better! I want to look as great as they do! Nice video!

Welcome of winners at Jeetu's Akhada

This is a video of welcoming wrestlers at Village Nathupur Akhada. Wrestlers who have won are welcomed along with the key persons of the village who have been helping wrestlers in their training and providing them facilities.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Alex Chew - explored Traditional Indian Wrestling

अलेक्स चिउ ऑफ़ ऑस्ट्रेलिया 

अलेक्स चिउ ऑस्ट्रेलिया में कुश्ती लड़ते हैं।  उन्हें MMA का खेल भी पसंद हैं।  कुश्ती प्रेमी हैं।  उन्होंने दुनिया भर में कुश्ती की परम्पराओं को अपनी आँखों से देखा और उसे जिया हैं।  वो अभी मिडिल ईस्ट और मंगोलिया से कुश्ती लड़कर आये।  और उन्होंने हिन्दुस्तान की कुश्ती देखनी की इच्छा मुझे बताई तो मैंने उनका स्वागत किया।  हम जीतू पहलवान के अखाड़े पर गए।  वहां हमने उन्हें कुश्ती की  परम्परा से अवगत कराया।  उन्हें बहुत अच्छा लगा।  उन्होंने अखाडा खोदा , जोर किये , और अपने कुछ दांव पेंच अखाड़े के बच्चों को बताये।  उसके बाद हमने साथ बैठ कर कुश्ती के ऊपर चर्चा की।  

Alex Chew loves wrestling. He wrestled a lot back at his home in Australia. He also fights MMA now. His love for wrestling brought him here in India. He already visited many countries like Miidle east or Mongolia before he landed here. I welcomed him and took him to Jeetu Pahlwan's Akhada. Where we show him about how we do wrestle here , basically in  clay or soil arena. We can also cal it mud wrestling , as a a little amount of water is sprinkled on the arena soil before we dig it and prepare it softer like a sponge before we practice. Alex did wrestle with Jeetu and also showed a few techniques he loves to apply while he fights. It was a very good , warming visit. After the practice we settled and had some snacks and talked about wrestling . 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Jeetu Pahlwan's Kushti at Suraj Kund - October 2014

जीतू पहलवान की सूरज कुण्ड दंगल में हुई ये एक बेहतरीन कुश्ती हैं।  जिसमे जीतू से एक बढ़िया पहलवान के हाथ मिले।  वहीँ उन्होंने कलाजंग पर अपने प्रतिद्वंदी को चित्त कर 25000 /- रूपये नकद इनाम की ये कुश्ती जीती।

This is Kushti Match between Jeetu and a wrestler who challenged him for a Kushti fight. Jeetu accepted the challenging and had a great fight with him. In the end Jeetu Pahlwan succeeded pinning his opponent on the technique called fireman's carry. or Kalajung.