Sunday, September 21, 2014

Surajpur Dangal - Jeetu fights with Aabid pahalwan

Jeetu vs Abid Pahlwan - a Great Wrestling Match

ये जीतू और आबिद पहलवान की कुश्ती हैं।  दो मिनट की ये एक शानदार कुश्ती हैं।  कुश्ती की शुरुआत में आबिद खुले हाथ चलाते हुए जीतू के पैट खींच कर उसे नीचे बैठाने की जाया कोशिश करते हैं।  फिर शानदार बगल डूब लगा कर जीतू को नीचे बैठा कर जाँघिया पकड़ कर मच्छी गोता लगाने की कोशिश करते हैं , लेकिन जीतू से नीचे  पक्का होकर बैठते हैं , कुश्ती चलाने के लिए खड़ा करके कुश्ती चला देते हैं , इस बार फिर आबिद खुल्ले चलाते हुए अटैक करने की कोशिश में हैं, 
यही कुश्ती का शानदार समय हैं , जब जीतू पैट खींचकर पीछे पहुँचते पहुँचते झोली डाल कर आबिद को चित्त करते हैं।  शानदार कुश्ती का प्रदर्शन।  

This is a match of Jeetu with Aabid pahlwan, Aabid is disciple of Guru Jasram, he is much senior to Jeetu , and plays kushti very well , he fought with many good wrestler and defeated them. during this time Abid has recovered from stomach ailments , But a kuhsti match is a kushti match, once you are in the arena , nobody will take care of your pain, sweating or anything, you have to fight till you win or loose. This is a two minute match , and you will in the first few seconds Abid slapping Jeetu and in failed attempt, did a double leg attack. again Aabid went on strike and did a " bagal doob " knee dip and reached Jeetu's behind and tried attacking " Machi Gota " but Jeeut saved , the match restarted again, using loose hands aabid stirke again , even referee stopped aabid for clutching finger and hands
Then came the last 15 seconds , these are the finest moments of the game , when jeetu did a leg attack, reached behind and put " Jholi" around Aabid , and subdued him. He then pinned Aabid Beautifully and won the game. 


Ansuia! You are the best! Woohooo.....keep thise videos coming....I'm going to look for someone to wrestle!

Jeetu is simply amazingly handsome and very intelligent also. how at the last he made a perfect move and pinned down his opponent. Simply awsome.......

Esse cara de cueca de bolinha eh um Tigrão !

did he put his hand down his underwear?

Jeetu never fails to give his audience a really good fight, and the end was really good. Roland.

Lots of nice abs here!

thanks for all the great videos you post -good quality too.

nice pin!!!! Awesome video!


can u pls post the whole training regime for a indian wrestling would be a great favour if u can.

1:44 sup man

I just got back to this video................truly, in the history of the world, has there ever been a wrestling bout with two more handsome men ever? I doubt it. Amazing. These matches should be televised.