Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Jeetu Pahlwna this time fights with wrestler of Matindu, His opponent is practicing wrestling , at the wrestling club of Mota , Coach, at Ladpur, Haryana. The wrestler is a skilled one, he fights, well, Jeetu attacks him, but he saves well, if you will see , how he saves himself from Jeetu's technqiue called inside cradle, it is Great. 
At Badshahpur, the Dangal is organised every year, Jeetu fights a good match, this time too , jeetu is paired with a great wrestler, He also tried to attack Jeetu, and get him on the ground, so both have equal power, the one who is most agile, most technical , most guts will win for scheduled time of ten minutes.

The match went on for ten minutes like this, the time alloted for the match , elapsed, and the bout was declared equal by the Dangal committee.