Friday, June 5, 2015

Jeetu Pahlwan Vs Bholu Pahlwan

Jeetu Pahlwan Vs Bholu Pahlwan
 Jeetu Pahlwan is a great Kushtiwrestler. He fights very well with his opponents. With grace and sporting spirit his matches are a delight to watch. Here in this match Jeetu Pahlwan of Guru shyam Lal akhada, Village Ghitorni , son of Rajinder Pahlwan is paired with a very very good kushtiwrestler Bhola , a disciple of the Mighty Guru Satpal of Chtrsaal Stadium. Among the students of Guru Satpal are Sushil Kumar, Yogeshwar, Amit , Pawan and many other who have won medals at Olympics and in every form of National and International competition. Watch the match between Jeetu and Bhola , on the occasion of Teez festival, in a Traditional wrestling competition organised by the Village Committe of Village Wajirabad, Gurgaon , Haryana India.

which one is the one in the white trunks ?
This is great fight, they are well matched and I have always been a fan of Jeetu. Was it a draw because the filming ended before the victor was announced?. I hope we see more of this excellent wrestler, and I wish him well.
ansuia1974 Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
This was a great fight, and as a fan of Jeetu it was interesting to find him fight a guy with the same strength and determination.
When did Jeetu get so big!?  Wow.
Awesome, absolutely awesome wrestlers. Beautiful camera and long matches.  Thank you.
who has won this kushti ?
Both these guys have really hot bodies
Heinrick Dujardin Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
jeetu ! is indeed a man god of indian wrestling, awesome body !