Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Jim at Jeetu's Akhada

In this video I accompanied Jim at Guru Shyam Lal Akhada. Jim loves wrestling , ant tried a few hands with Jeetu. He tried everything that we do at the Akhada, like starting digging the mud with a shovel, these are specially made shovel which doubles as muscle building weights also. There is a unique way of ploughing the Akhada which were shown to Jim and he did well. Then Guru Ajit showed him some wrestling moves. He then practised with a few wrestlers. 

ये  गुरु श्यामलाल जी का अखाडा हैं।  जिम मेरे मित्र हैं , हम दोनों अखाडा देखने पहुंचे।   और वह पहुँच कर जिम को देसी कुश्ती से परिचय कराया।  उन्होंने अखाडा खोदा , मेडी फिराई , और जोर किये।  उसके बाद गुरु खलीफाओं के साथ देसी कुश्ती पर बातचीत हुई।   


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jim is soooo great! i'm a real fanof him, are there more video's?
Looks like fun- not the digging part, but the wrestling!
Jim is sooo great! I want his mail-adress, I wanna wrestle with him, thanks for the answer