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Bhainswaal Dangal - Jeetu vs Parveen Rana

पंकज राणा उत्तर प्रदेश के नामी पहलवान हैं।  देवराज पहलवान ने भैंसवाल में बड़ा दंगल कराया , वहीँ छुट्टी की कुश्ती पे लगभग सूखा इनाम ले जा रहे पंकज की छुट्टी पर जीतू ने हाथ मिलाया।  कुश्ती का उदघाटन ओलिंपियन सुभाष वर्मा ने किया और मास्टर रघुबीर रेफ़री रहे।  कुश्ती  के शुरुआत ही में पंकज राणा जीतू पर भरी पड़े , गट्टा खींच कर जीतू को बिठा के उन्होंने पीछे पहुँच कर जीतू का पैर उठा कर अपने कन्धों का दाब जीतू की रीढ़ पे दिया तो रेफ़री ने ऑब्जेक्शन उठाया , इससे जीतू को क्षति पहुँचती , कुश्ती रोक कर बहस हुई , शायद पंकज राणा को जीतू का चुनौती स्वीकार करना नहीं लगा।  कुश्ती आधा घंटे चली , ये आप स्वयं देखिये।  मेरा मानना है की खिलाड़ियों को खेल भावना से खेलना चाहिए , जो जीतू ने दिखाया , उन्होंने पंकज राणा के हर दावों की काट तो की पर पंकज राणा के फ़ाउल का जवाब अपने गुस्से से नहीं दिया , शांत रहे।  अंत में कुश्ती बराबर  हुई।  भैंसवाल गाँव की जनता ने कहा आज के दंगल का हीरो जीतू रहा।  

Parveen Rana is one of the popular and mighty wrestler of Uttar Pardesh, the most populated state of India. In this competition Pankaj Rana accepted Jeetu's challenge at Village Bhainswal, the predominantly a Jat Community Village.  The competition was organised by Devraj Pahlwan.  The match was inaugurated by Olympian Subhash Verma and the referee was guru Master Raghubir. The match was scheduled for 20  minutes. , since the very first Pankaj Rana proved good, he did a high single leg attack and snatched Jeeu's Leg and snapped him down on the arena and reached behind Jeetu's Back. From there he did a very false move he lifted jeeutu's leg with both hands and tried pressing his shoulder tips on the spine chord of Jeetu. The referee Master Raghubir stopped him immediately but he was adamant, so more people came in , the referee warned him and the matched was stopped for a while and began later. The rest of the match is a matter of viewing , it was a dangerous play all the time on the part of Pankaj who when challenged by Jeetu  did not find it much to his likings. The match however went on Pankaj Rana proved a strong match for Jeetu, he tried his every bits and techniques to pin Jeetu , but Jeetu countered hi every move, it seemed he is pursuing vendetta and trying bad moves. however Jeetu did fought calmly countering his very move. the match ran for more than 30 minutes but remained undecided. The village people said that in fact Jeetu became the hero of the event.    

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The guy in green looks pretty good but the other guy in white is chunky and looks like he's wearing a diaper.
great athletic bodies. I enjoyed reading the intro under the video.
I wish I had a poster of Jeetu. I would put it in my gym. He looks amazing. His opponent looks big too.
Damn great match with hot and built wrestlers
You are right. Here in India Kushti is decided when you put your opponent's back on the ground. both shoulders should touch the earth on backside note one. unless this is not done no winning is declared. that is why the refrees not me call them equal

ryan stanton via Google+

2 months ago
two magnificent looking men, and wrestlers, great bodies for wrestling,
very handsome, and a great kushti wrestling match up.