Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jeetu Pahlwan guru shaymlal akhada winning moments fool walon ki sair...

 In this video Jeetu Pahlwan fights with a wrestler named Meharchand  of Fateh pur village  guru lekhraj at the first prize match organised by the foolwalon ki sair at Mehrauli village , new delhi near Qutub Minar . the wrestler is heavier than jeetu and fights well. However jeetu also fought well and pinned him on the ground and won. Jeetu pahwlan succeeded pinning his opponent on the Indian wrestling technique called Dhak.

प्रतिवर्ष महरौली में क़ुतुब मीनार के पास फूलवालों की सैर पर मेला और दंगल का आयोजन होता हैं।  दंगल की पहली कुश्ती जीतू पहलवान व् मेहरचंद पहलवान , गाँव फ़तेह पर , गुरु लेखराज के बीच हुई।  कुश्ती शानदार थी और काफी देर चली।  मेहर चंद वजनी पहलवान हैं लेकिन जीतू पहलवान ने मेहरचंद पहलवान को ढाक दांव पर पटखनी दे  कर कुश्ती अपने नाम की।  



This time Jeetu has fought against a wrestler who is bigger and heavier than him.. His opponent w appeared to be equally silled but by his agility he could win the bout. My best wishes for his brilliant future.

Man, keep making more and more of these vids. Great!

me gustaria aprender

Again the smaller guy made the heavier guy eat dirt. He really ode the big guy's ass.