Sunday, September 28, 2014

Disciple of Guru Farukh , Tavadu, named Taufik Fights with Jeetu


इस कुश्ती में कोच टोनी जीतू पहलवान गुरु श्याम लाल और तौफीक गुरु फारूक अखाड़ा तावडू के बीच कुश्ती की घोषणा कर रहे हैं।  कुश्ती स्वतंत्रता दिवस के उपलक्ष्य में , उल्लावास गाँव गुड़गाॅव में हुई।  कुश्ती की शुरुआत में पहलवान एक दूसरे को तौलते है, तौफीक जांघिए पकड़ते हैं तो रेफ़री फटकार कर जाँघिया छोड़ने के लिए कहते हैं।  मेवात में गुरु फारूक अच्छे पहलवानो को तैयार कर रहे हैं, हालांकि जांघिए के रूल देहाती स्टाइल कुश्ती में हमेशा से रहे हैं, लेकिन जांघिये की पकड़ कुश्ती को धीमा कर देती हैं. अब जीतू खड़े खड़े झोली डालने का प्रयास करते हैं जिसका काउंटर बड़ी फूर्ति से करके तौफीक जीतू को डेंजर करते हैं , जीतू ब्रिज पर घूम कर अपनी जान ही नहीं बचाते  तौफिक के ऊपर आकर उसे चित्त कर कुश्ती अपने नाम में करते हैं।  जीतू को दंगल कमेटी खुश होकर इनाम बढ़ा कर देती हैं, परंपरा के अनुसार जीतू सेल लेकर दर्शकों में घुमते है और दर्शक भी अच्छी कुश्ती दिखाने के लिए उन्हें खुल कर इनाम देते हैं. 

In this video Coach Tony in yellow shirt is introducing Taufiqiue Pahalwan, of Farooque Akhada , Tavdu, Gurgaon and Jeetu Pahalwan guru Shyam lal, to the Public. Dangal committee head Rajbeer is supervising the match while coach Tony is acting as referee. This competition was held on 15th August, commemorating the Indian Independence day. In Tavadu guru Farukh is running a wonderful wrestling school Many of his disciples come here every year to fight against other wrestlers and to show their skill. The first one and half minute of the kushti is very peculiar let me explain. As you know in the initial time of the bout the wrestler makes their posture, judge each other's power and makes a strategy. Here in this time both did the same , however you can see Taufique holding Jeetu's costume called Janghia. generally if one grabs the costume the other also tries to, but Jeetu didn't , this shows how conditioned Jeetu is. Taufique was barred from grabbing costume and the match went on. The second minute of the match is rather more interesting , you can see now Jeetu is working on far side cradle. He captures the far legs of Taufique , and lifts his ankle, and tried tying his arms around the neck and shoulder of Taufique , while Taufique encounters fiercely , putting Jeetu in a dangerous position , itself. But Jeetu saved himself at lightning speed on back arching making a bridge on his head. This is one of the finest moments of Kushti I have seen ever. While saving himself Jeetu pinned him. In the later part you will see Jeetu receiving his prize and money from his fans as , it is a custom that if a wrestler has shown a good match he goes to his fans who gives him whatever they can pay in cash.



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Nice villagers giving money to the wrestlers. I bet the diet costs a fortune and hard for these wrestlers to afford.

I don't understand all of your final sentence, but let me make a few points. First nobody necessarily thinks these wrestlers are gay, but if one is gay - and I am - then the matches are VERY erotic to watch, and that's primarily why I and others enjoy them. That doesn't detract from your traditions or the competitive spirit of the men. Accept the fact that viewers around the world like the bouts for different reasons. I think the wrestlers are beautiful, and I always look forward to new clips.

Thank you for the insight into Kushti Wrestling, and I know from my trips to India that the traditions date back for Centuries. I remember seeing the wrestling arena at the Palace of the Maharaja in Mysore.You say that wrestlers lead very special lives, do they have jobs during the day and train at night or they looked after totally by their guru.We are impressed by the wrestling skills of Jeetu Pahlwan, how old is he and what background does he have ? , has he had any Olympic Trials? Roland

thanks dear for your comments about kushti the indian ancient art of wrestling and the mother of all the traditional martial arts, ..mostly wrestlers are jobless and totally dependent on their family, and without any patronage they have to leave the sport in searcha of job, ,,like jitu his father is a taxi driver, he is poor, but good wrestler , .. it is hard for poor men's son to be recognised, ..also like me i am also jobless , but i love kushti and doing a service to kushit, but bad comments

Thank you for your reply, and I am sorry that Kushti is not recognised by the state, because I do believe that any kind of sport is good for young people. I also noticed from your other films that the surname of Pahalwan has many wrestlers, are they all the same family?. I look forward to seeing more of your bouts on youtube. Please pass my regards on to Jitu (Jeeth) and if he is able to speak English and has an e-mail address it would be good to be in contact. Regards. Roland.

you see the different of culture makes us confused, i do not mean that i do not respect gays,..we call them hizra, and even took blessings from them..but in kushti wrestling, gays are not allowed, it is simple , it is tradition,...and secondly i do not mind who watches my videos, ..because i am working to show the traditions of india, ..any one can see them,...i do mind when pelple leave derroagatory, sexually inflicted, obscene comments,...those would impact my work, viewership and youtube envt

This is about males appreciating what males can do! I wish we had this kind of mind-set in the USA and Europe.

yeah, i am a victim of people's poor understanding across the globe, this is what they do, they are searching nude men, and when they find my channel, these fools consider our wrestlers gay..we are equally opposite of this, for a kushti wrestler the life is strict, he is to remain pure, free from sex, drugs, or any wrongdoing, learning under his guru , and living a sacred and respected life, ..we do not wear costume as in indian wrestling you c an pull the costume like in judo

Sadly, this would be dismissed as "gay" here in the U.S., by ignorant homophobes.

bad comments , and sexually, and abusive comments from people makes me very sad, ..they also mailign my work ..and my service to the wrestling,....earlier i used to put my videos to have free comments, but now i only allow comments which suits me...I WOULD NEVER EVER LET PEOPLE DISCREDIT MY GAME, AND URGE AND REQUEST PEOPLE TO BEHAVE nice on internet , ..this is not the actual meaning of freedom....i thanks all the people who loves this game, who sends me comments, suggestions, thanks them