Friday, September 19, 2014

Jim and Jeetu - for the love of wrestling

इस चैनल में और मेरे फेस बुक अकाउंट में मेरे प्रोफाइल में मैंने जो हैट पहना हैं वो मुझे जिम मैकस्वीनी ने भेंट किया था।  जिम अमेरिका से है, जिम और मै कुश्ती प्रेमी हैं।  जब वो भारत आये तो हम गुरु श्यामलाल अखाड़े पर मिले ,  और हमने और गुरु खलीफाओं ने कुश्ती पर चर्चा की।  जिम ने जीतू पहलवान के साथ जोर किये।  ये जीतू और जिम की कुश्ती की वीडियो हैं।  शानदार हैं।  

You can see the hat in my profile picture at this channel Ansuia1974 or face book , this hat was gifted to me by Jim McSweeney, from USA.  We Both had one thing in common , love for wrestling , and when he came to India  we met , at guru Shyam Lal Akhada , we talked about wrestling with the gurus there.  Then we asked Jim  to experience Traditional Wrestling , and he Agreed, The age difference between Jeetu and Jim is big and also Jim is not much into wrestling, but playing the game is what matters most. And thus you can see them playing Kushtiwrestling.   



I admire the way Jim gets out there and actually tries this different style of wrestling. He seems to enjoy himself!

Hello Jim McSweeny my name is Guion "Stewart" Bluford III. Please call me Stewart. I love freestyle wrestling. How did you get involved in Indian wrestling. I would like to try it. Maybe we could get together and practice some freestyle wrestling moves. My email address is please email me.

Does Jeetu have a fan club? I'd join! I love to watch him wrestle!

the not mud. it dry dirt

Another great fight by Jeetu, I would really like to know more about him.Does he speak and write English?

@RastaJee2 hahaha! thanks for sharing too much info!!!

This is weird cuz my name is Jeetu and my dads name is Jim :S

just out of curiosity, how old is jeetu in this video?